What is "Plant Food"?

Only the highest grade raw materials are used in the manufacturing on ALL-PLANT Liquid Plant Food. We use 100% White Orthophosphoric Acid as the total source of phosphorus in the product. There are cheaper forms of phosphorus available but they will not be found in ALL-PLANT. Potassium Hydroxide supplies all the potash in the product and Food Grade Urea is used for nitrogen supply. You can use ALL-PLANT with assurance that each load will be the same unless you are advised otherwise.

In the process of manufacturing, the mixture of raw materials boils in excess of 200°F. This chemical reaction results in a product with the ingredients uniformly mixed in a true solution more readily suitable for plant consumption. This makes it possible to apply the product directly on crops during seeding on most soil types with no burning or resultant stunting. It also makes possible the use of lower rates of application because of increased efficiency and means fewer refills and faster planting.

Analysis available include 5-15-15, 17-5-5, 9-18-9, 0-0-30 and others for special purposes. All are guaranteed not to settle out, separate, or be short of the claimed analysis.

Additional benefits include the product not being corrosive to equipment and it is very stable at extremely low temperatures so freezing is not a problem. All of the benefits add to the convenience of using a quality product like ALL-PLANT.